About us

 Tharus are the main indigenous group of Tharuhat Terai region in Nepal. Time goes changing on and their living style also changes according to the development of society and in many ways, the technology. People keep creating spaces in today’s virtual social networks and sharing everything through the Internet as more as they could.

It is proved fact that, Tharus once used to be the rulers, and their socio-economical and political status, literature, language and living standard was high. Current scenario in nation shows that they are living a very tough condition to struggle for their own rights.  This has also influenced the new generation. We can see the active participation of youths and people in online media sharing their ideas, knowledge and matters. But due to the lack of proper supports and economical resources, online medias created by tharu youths still show poor conditions. Here we need a unified and a large platform where we all could come together to contribute for a better social status again through this online media.

This is about to share what we have, preserve the cultural importance, cultivate our society and join hands-in-hand to uplift our social status back.

This project will be a great resource to get all the information on indigenous tharu people of Nepal. On the other hand, a tharu Internet radio concept has also been proposed where the programs and songs in our own tharu language will entertain people. Artists will get inspired for a better creation.

The Talent hunt and profile section will bring to the light the hidden gems from tharu community and provide a platform to develop their skills further. Events will get proper focus worldwide. It is to introduce the Download section where people can download music, articles, reports and documents regarding indigenous issues.

For this instant need of a unified social online media the project has been proposed.

Project Management Team

The project is a concept & creation of Manoz Mahato, a Professional Web Programmer, Graphics Expert and Media Professional with years of experience in producing, presenting & managing media contents and developing online applications.

The team is comprised of experienced professionals in their respective field. It has successfully completed the first historical grand event Mr. & Miss Tharu 2011 before. During the program, the team had created a positive impact on the people in society and got overwhelming responses from the worldwide community. Besides, team has participated and handled different programs based on Indigenous and Tribal people’s right.

The project features are supposed to be a contribution of whole responsible tharu youths and personalities from the community. Any interested people, anytime and from anywhere can participate and make contribution to the project.

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