Ethnic THARU wear

Nepal is a diverse country with varied landscapes and indigenous communities. Among the indigenous group the THARU community has its own traditional costumes and jewels. Lets see what their communities like to wear on a day to day basis.

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The major costumes of a THARU man consists of a Mardani (dhoti) and Phad(Kachhad- a piece of cloth worn to cover the lower part of the body as in the picture).THARU people are generally engaged in agriculture and live in the Terai (plains) regions of the country. It is due to the nature of their occupations and climate that THARU people prefer wearing short and thin cloths, as they are light and comfortable. While working in the field, the THARU men generally carry their hats made up from bamboo and dried leaves, “Kodalo” (spade) to plough the field, tobacco and a sickle fixed at their waist with a string. THARU men are laborious and appear tough and fit.

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However the costumes and ornaments worn by THARU women are completely unique compared to other tribes. Cholia (Choli) is worn as a top, Nahagi is a white cloth dress and Uporona is the cloth worn around the chest area are the mojor attires worn by the THARU community women. During special occassions and festival different jewels made from gold and silver are worn on various parts of the body. The different kinds of ornaments worn by THARU women are “Nathiya” on the nose, “Kanphul” in the ear, “Hansuli” and “Kanthi” on the neck, “Matha” on the wrist, “Tadia” on the elbow,”Tikuli” on the forehead and “Upairi” on their feet. THARU women also love to have Godana– a tattoo art made on various parts of their body.

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