Sanjaya Chaudhary


Not only is Sanjaya Chaudhary a successful radio jockey, a talented musician and an acknowledged media person. He is one with an incredible talents, manners, sheer luck and devotion merged within a single person.

According to him, he might be restless all day if he can’t sing. Having released to many songs, he is now sure that he is going to devote his whole life to the Nepali music industries.

The Song you can’t get enough of:
“Someone like you”
Most adorable international singer: “Adele”
Black or Blues: “Blue”
Favorite Instruments: “Drums”
Movie you’ll never get tired of: “Kusume Rumal”
Favorite Radio Program: “Capital Cage”
The last thing you want to do before you die: “Surfing”
Best foods: “Undoubtedly momos”
Hangout Places: “Cafereena, Durbarmarg”
RJ or VJ: “Rj all the way.”


Some of the Music Videos of Sanjaya Chaudhary:

Jaba dekhi dekhe timilai..
[youtube url=”” width=”470″ height=”300″] Timi aayau..
[youtube url=”” width=”470″ height=”300″] Galti Mero Chhaina..
[youtube url=”” width=”470″ height=”300″] Panche Baja..
[youtube url=”” width=”470″ height=”300″]

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