Many people including some linguist scholars have a view that Tharus don’t have their own language. This is false and they are completely unaware of the glorious history of the Tharus. Many linguist opine that “Tharu” is a language which is dialect of Maithili, Bhojpuri or Awadhi. In fact this is a premature conclusion. It is true that Tharu is a language similar to Bangla, Awadhi and Bhojpuri because these languages are offshoot of Magadhi. According to Guneratne (1988:765-76), the elite of the Eastern Terai, Tharu is distinct from Maithili, and even Maithili originated from Tharu language. Vidyapati, a Maithili poet, has himself accepted the fact. Tharu language is the modern form of Magadhi Prakrit which was official language of Lord Buddha.
Some scholars have raised the question regarding the diversified Tharu language, as the language differ to some degree as we move from Eastern Terai to Central and Western Terai. It is nothing unusual because it is the nature of any living language to change within every two to three miles in absence of written language. Moreover, other languages of the region namely, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Awadhi also influenced it. It is to be noted that even when Nepali is the official language of Nepal, the Nepali spoken in Mid-Western and Far-Western Nepal varies to some extent. Tharu people have their own language often known as “Tharu Language”. Many professors and well educated persons say that many others languages were derived from Tharu Language (like as Nepali, Maithli, Bhojpuri etc.).

Tharu were already living in the Terai before Indo-Europeans arrived, raising the question of what they may have been speaking at that time. The only surviving pre-Indo-European language in the Terai is KusundaSanthali further west.Untitled-1

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